Somebody Loves You (Single)

by Amber Hargett

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This song is dedicated to anyone who has been affected by the tragedy of suicide, or who has felt overlooked, unwanted or desperately alone. I want to remind you that in the midst of your pain, SOMEBODY LOVES YOU.

Please take courage and share your story with a trusted friend, or call
1-800-273-8255 to speak confidentially with someone who can help you right now.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this single will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Thank you!


released August 19, 2018

Written, arranged and performed by Amber Hargett.

Produced, engineered and mastered by Patrick Himes,
Reel Love Recording Company, Dayton, Ohio.

Special thanks to Anne Rose, Patrick Himes,
and the Stefanow and Fogo families.


all rights reserved



Amber Hargett Dayton, Ohio

Dayton-based singer/songwriter Amber Hargett blends folk, rock, pop, roots and soul sounds into her unique storytelling style. Her writing attempts to balance honesty with empathy and reflect truths about faith, life, and relationships.

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Track Name: Somebody Loves You
I can’t see the holes in your shoes
Or pretend to know the hell you’ve been through
I guess I’m just curious why
The both of us wandered in here tonight
Maybe you wondered if I noticed you
And then doubted that I wanted to
Fearing if I ever knew that behind your grin
Was a cold, hard truth
Oh, well I guess I’m beggin’ your pardon,
But somebody loves you, darlin’

You can call it chance, or you can call it fate
But it’s no accident we’re in the same place
And I only guess about the story on your face
And wonder who you are
Cause maybe he didn’t have the courage to stay
And lied to you before he took the keys and drove away
Or you kept waiting for the thing she’d never say
When everything you gave just wasn’t good enough to take
So to all the lonely victims
Of the ones who felt like skipping out or stalling,
Somebody loves you, darlin’

See the face of the loneliest man
Who dared to scratch those words in the sand
And never lived up to all the world’s demands
But found you beautiful and worthy
He never bothered with the pious, right and strong
But rescued anyone who had the faith to come along
So to all the unforgiven, who’ve given up on love
And feel like fallin’
Somebody loves you, darlin’

The sorrow and the loneliness
The wounds that have not healed
The unseen parts about us, too difficult to feel
Are all part of the movements of this life we’re living out
So add it to your song and have the strength to sing it out
And if you didn’t know then, you better know now
The worlds is better off with you here somehow
Oh, stand up all weak and feeble, take rest you weary soul
For someone walks beside you in the darkest place you’ll go
Oh, somebody loves you darlin
Oh, can you hear me callin’?
Somebody loves you darlin
Oh, please hear me callin’, oh, please hear me callin’

Somebody loves you darlin,
Somebody loves you darlin,
Somebody loves you darlin,
Somebody loves you darlin

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